6 stages of insanity (but the good kind)

Halloween jack-o'-lanterns glow neon colors in the dark
pumpkin patch jack-o’-lanterns
Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com

stage 1: the pet store owner

in the video game world.

Name tags, puppy dogs, kittens, birds.

Stage 2: the fortune teller witch

chucking fortune cookies at customers in the streets

reading your palm


stage 3: the rich girl in a future of teleporters and cancer cures,

burning flame-resistant tops and buying color coordinating outfits with her triplet sisters,

keeping a penguin aquarium in her mansion bedroom.

stage 4: the toddler allergic to any real food, including water (but not ice).

He eats clay, metal, plastic; carves boomerangs from birch blocks.

stage 5: the wizard whose spell-words

never have the intended affect.

A simple illumination charm

ends in medic wing leave for the week.

stage 6: the pumpkin patch owner

who lives in a humble hole in the hill

but secretly

is an ultimate warrior-spy

trained in martial arts,

wearing an enchanted suit

deflecting bullets,

lending super-strength and super-jumps.

stage 0: I wanna go back

to sliding up and down the scale

whenever I want

I’m bored

of all this normal.


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