The Best Poetry Advice I’ve Ever Received

It’s simple: the point of poetry is to feel new feelings, or think new thoughts. Now if that’s not clear, you can go check out this 50-minute video 😉 which taught me everything I know about poetry. (Just kidding. Kind of.) But here I’ll try to summarize and write some of my own opinions. ForContinue reading “The Best Poetry Advice I’ve Ever Received”

down, right, up, and not for mobile (unnamed poem)

Twenty-four hours are a tank In seaworld, cold salt water Holding dolphins, You can go down, Down, Down, holding hourglass dolphins hostage hoping to and concrete containing blue gallons   just enough to question the glass     to really believe in freedom not enough of an ocean Until you hit the bottom, concrete andContinue reading “down, right, up, and not for mobile (unnamed poem)”