The Humans Whom Humanity Failed

torn portraits
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If you distill the universe

to one soul,

bottle up every experience

and shake it up–

who would you have?

What would the

spirit salad dressing taste like?

Would she

beam brighter than the heart of a galaxy?

Would they carry the sweetest savor

to sip forever?


would he

cry tears of loneliness,

and drink

the spit of screams?

Would they feel loved?

Listened to?


Do you think

the salad dressing spirit

might separate like oil and water,

the not-okay,

and the not-understanding,

do you think

she could learn to mingle all her parts?

Keep me quiet,

hold you close,

big bang his soul universe again in a flash,

and see what sticks in the aftermath–

How many humans

will the weight of humanity

cast off and abandon?

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