How to Seize Your Destiny

person sitting in a gray room before a blank, white projector screen.
in destiny’s waiting room
Photo by Adrien Olichon on

I want a different background,

a different date,

hello good sir,

have an appointment with fate?

No sir, I mean sir,

hullo there, g’day,

don’t soothe me with greetings,

don’t ask me my name

don’t use up your language,

it only holds blame.

I want a different story,

a different time,

fate still hasn’t bothered

to list reason or rhyme,

I give it my effort,

keeping back my mad crimes–

explain why I’m here, fate,

I’ve worked and I’ve tried,

I’ve done this for years now,

quit moving the line.

No king, and no man,

no fairy so fine,

has ever been caught long

as woefully kind.

Pull no punches,

pack no mules

rip up the rules

in fate’s drab waiting room.

I have no appointment

why should I need one

to talk to the destiny

who landed me like this

I came to complain

I came to tell them off

I came here to tell them

they’re not in control

I came here to break down

their ugly gray door,

hey fates, are you in there,

I’m knocking, I’m loud,

I’ve spent my good time here

behind no waiting crowd

I wanted to live here

I wanted to fly

I want to dive

by fishies in the sea

are you gonna let me

I ask rhetorically

because turns out you won’t answer

but I’m learning now faster

I shouldn’t be waiting on your stamp of clout

I break down your entrance and I live here, get out,

I take my fate and

I own my destiny now.

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