Seedlings (or, short random poems)

pale pink flower seedling blooms in a patch of sunlight
blooming flower seedling
Photo by Sami Aksu on

Scales of green bark flake from the oaks

exposing fraying hair follicles.

Winter–the earth’s season of self-care and haircuts.

diagram the cytoplasm

around the golgi’s chasms,

what does that thing do again?

clumsy as a giant,

I dye a gram

of petunia seeds pink,

train them to sprout under stars

we share two brain cells,

the golgi and the giant,

one entirely reserved for puns.

This winter, I plan to plant a third.

Fairy lights

make everything glow cheerily

in midwinter’s bald dark

more so

than blinding lamps

coaxing pink seedlings from the greenhouse soil.

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