This Invulnerable Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart flowers
Photo by Mohan Nannapaneni on

Go, begonia, bloom for once

Like your life depends on it,

Or else these shears will stab your stem and slice with no remorse.

I’m just a bleeding heart, cowering in fear on the twigs

From the gardening force

Come to deadhead our autumn flower bed.

I’m so sorry, begonia, that you had to go.

Goodbye, bellflower, I’ll remember the sound of your song.

Bird of paradise, please know that it hurt when you crumpled from flight, breaking your wings in the dirt.

I’m just a bleeding heart, scarlet,

Perpetually about to cry,

But my tears, oh, they

Never fall

For I am strong

And the gardeners

Don’t come for me

Don’t cut me open

Don’t scissor my heart,

Never mind

How seeing you all go





(poem also found on Wattpad)

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