Productivity, Toxic

Productivity induces anxiety, like, you are a machine, so you are worth something when you produce, you are a train, chugging for the change, you’re a factory, a battery, an engine, when you produce more, you make more, you are more, if you’re idling you’re wasting gasoline, if you’re not creating, you’re a canvas withoutContinue reading “Productivity, Toxic”

January 29th, 2022/I got upset with this one

Today’s Prompt: How are you changing the world? After several hours of considering this prompt, I discovered how upset I was with the expectation to change the world. It’s too much for my anxiety to handle. It was tons of pressure on younger-me to do something useful then, in order to become a world-changing forceContinue reading “January 29th, 2022/I got upset with this one”