Future Evolution

evolution tower, a skyscraper shaped like a double-helix, rises against a night city skyline
evolution tower in Moscow, Russia
Photo by u0418u043bu044cu044f u0420u043eu0436u043au043eu0432 on Pexels.com

According to evolution and survival of the fittest,

and “favorable genes are the ones that get passed down,”

homosexuality should’ve ceased to exist eons ago,

but spoiler alert: it hasn’t,

and I often ask myself, “why am I like this,

I don’t make sense,”

but don’t get me wrong I’m comfortable with being queer

I just don’t really get…why.

I don’t have a clear life plan laid out, following what my parents or friends do,

so I wander the evolved wilderness wondering what it is I am meant for.

I was born for this,

but what’s “this”?

Humans are like bees, a little,

all our queens and hives and buzzing workers.

On an individual level, survival of the fittest doesn’t perfectly apply,

we still tend our sick and wounded,

we still love someone else’s baby.

We’re a social species,

seeking survival of the fittest society,

all of us live or all of us die,

and queers, stereotypically,

cling to chosen families,

create the best art,

have the most compassion,

cross the deepest boundaries.

And what more do you need to survive

than a listening ear

and touching art?

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