Something way Bigger

I wanna be

part of something way bigger

bigger than the sky

longer than the night

spreading faster than the light.

I wanna expel fear

that keeps me from

talking ’bout how I feel,

I wanna


broader than mountain ranges,

deeper than the sea,

and I wanna


softer than baby sages,

sharper than poison ivy.

my senses are how I escape my skin,

I hear music and transpose sections of my soul there,

I see art and give part of my heart there,

In the dance I am not a body but a ribbon,

in the forest I am not a single, breathing thing

but the culmination of root systems, choruses of leaves, thousands of exhales.

I wanna be

part of something way bigger

an electricity bolt and thunder,

a red raindrop and a blue lake

I want the edges of me

to fit

to stand out

to melt

for my whole self to exist solitary

and united,

my individual flower hues

together with my creaking bark harmony

together with my roots unfurling and joining all the trees

in underground hunting.

I wanna go,

join me

or don’t

but I’m conglomerating with the sky

slipping into the night,

fractaling with the light.

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