One of my favorite quotes

typewriter and rustic lamp
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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”

-Ernest Hemingway*

In a more modern sense, I suppose for this poem I will sit down at my keyboard and bleed:)

(and if you enjoy this post, I will always appreciate a pizza)


Hydrogen peroxide graciously gets out bloodstains,

ice packs are my friends for bruises.

A pill or two helps back pain

and cold water heals a burn;

my body

has easy remedies

within reach.

But my dreams, when they scream for fulfillment,

get the stifled whisper of “one day”

But my heart, when broken,

carries a hollowed out, lake-heavy ache

But my mind, when sleepless,

summons incessant insomnia to my bedside.

Yes, there is nothing hard to dreaming,

or heartbreak,

or sleep:

just sit at the blue-light screen, and bleed.

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