Fidget up a rainstorm

crowded party under the concert lights
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

Fidget up a rainstorm

like in elementary school when they taught about the water cycle–

the sun heats a pond, makes the water drops so excited that they fidget up into the sky,

join a cumulus clique,

until they get sick

with dancing in the club

and precipitate from the party.

I’m too anxious tonight

beneath the dancing lights

sweating out my stress at not knowing how to small talk,

strangers squish and squirm, limbs sliding over

this slick swamp

pricklin’ at my skin–


can’t get over this,

I fidget up a rainstorm,

my nerves, my brain

tell me to evaporate out of the party

go home

and melt under the shower

to wispy thunder.

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