A special April day nonsense poem

happy birthday bunny
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

A honey bunny goes runny through the sunny.

How funny–PIER PRESSURE>:(

Don’t listen to the docks, dear French Pier, so named for your father Peter.

Peter Rabbit got baked into a pie, or maybe that’s a different guy,

so many rabbits and pie-bakers I’ve lost track of their fable-makers.

A bunch of bunny honeys went runny through the sunny, how funny, my poor tummy

ate too much candy,

but I am dandy

I blew out Pier’s birthday candles for him

because Pier was down by the pier experiencing too much pressure

to take over his father’s bumblebee business

before father bumbles away on boating business,

don’t worry it’s dandy,

I blew out the candles

but the birthday candles

were trick candles


every time I blew them out

so I took them out to the beach with me

to show Pier his honey bunny birthday cake

and his candles sparkin’

like the sun shedding skin

but a wave took me and my candy-sick tummy down

and now sadly the cake’s all sandy.

Sorry ’bout that.

Bappy Hirthday, Pier.


yeah so…happy April Fools I guess?

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