January 28th, 2022/pirates on the high C’s

Today’s Prompt: What is on your music playlist right now?
waving the pirate seas
Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels.com


That’s it I’m drawing a blank.

I don’t engage with music in the form of playlists. I just listen to the songs I feel like listening to at the moment.

That’s it I’m drawing a blank,

the smell’s quite rank in the sandbank where all the music sank maybe we’d better get a plank

from the pirate ship and make somebody walk it, goodbye Miss Pocket

we won’t need your deck-scrubbing skills no more

we’ve got a pirate powered purple Polly parrot for that

goodbye to your brother, Mr. Pocket,

we won’t be needing his chef skills no more,

we live on the high seas,

on the low seas,

like, C1 on the piano low C’s

belting C6 whistle notes, that’s what we do

we don’t need his signature thyme to sharpen up our key lime pies.

You harmonized with scaled snake-eyes, what a surprise

so Miss Pocket, you and Mr. Pocket oughta stop it

or else you’ll walk the plank for lies.

(They’re lyres, I tell you, rotten scallywags who can’t sing.)


Thank you for reading, I’m not really sure what this poem’s about but I hope you found it entertaining:)

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