January 23rd, 2022/makin’ it full circle

Today’s Prompt: Interview a fictional character.
a *nearly* full moon circle
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

Hi! If you’re looking for an entire, worked-on-for-months short story of one fictional character interviewing another, go check this out. There, I’ve also written intriguing garden symbols and musings about the alphabet and mental health. If by chance you’d like some introductory info before beginning the story, check this out.

And, if you’ve been following Cory’s Story the past few months, big thank you and here’s a tiny face giving you a hug 🤗 The final post for that story will come this Wednesday. Thank you for following along this whole time!

Now, if you’d like to binge read the whole story, I’ve made a table of contents on this page down beneath Tamy’s Story and Tara’s Story. Thank you again!

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