January 24th, 2022/last night I lived in Star Wars

Today’s Prompt: Write about a dream you remember.
dream-like hands forming shadows
Photo by Luci on Pexels.com

Until a couple years ago, I was terrible at remembering dreams. Then one rare day in February, I had a dream, and for a reason I don’t quite remember, I decided to write it down. And the next time I had a dream–like a few weeks later–I wrote that down too. And then in the span of a few months, I started to remember my dreams pretty regularly, almost daily.

It’s kind of weird to think about how that worked. It’s like my subconscious was suddenly aware I was going to write these things down, so it started remembering them.

With that, here is a dream I had last night. I hope you enjoy Star Wars!

My dream took place outside a Naboo-like palace–it had brownish stone walls and green copper domes. More importantly, it had large, round balconies, with bowl shapes underneath them to support the balcony. And a narrow ledge beneath those along the palace wall.

Basically, some apprentice Jedi, who I think was young-Kanan Jarrus from the Rebels series, was hiding on a ledge, mostly hidden from view by the bowl shape, but not entirely because there were two balconies overhead and a person on the 2nd balcony could probably see part of this ledge–like this Jedi apprentice’s feet and robe.

So Qui Gon Jinn, going to rescue this apprentice, used a grapple hook to swing over the edge of the 2nd balcony–the one slightly in front of and to the right of the Jedi apprentice’s position. But then Palpatine, flanked by some…I think assassin droids with red eyes(?), appeared on the balcony behind Qui Gon, and shot him down as he was swinging on the grapple line.

So Qui Gon died and fell or I don’t know what, but the apprentice was terrified, having already seen other Jedi die (hence him hiding on a ledge outside the palace), and he tried to be very quiet and still and not move.

So then Palpatine and the others left, and the Jedi Aayla Secura, but green, swung on a grappling hook over to this apprentice and she made it, but then Palpatine and the droids came back, extra suspicious that something was hiding around the balconies. So green Aayla hugged the apprentice kid, and somehow did a plank hold between the bowl shape above her/diagonal to her, and the wall, which raised her feet and legs away from the ledge, to hide them from Palpatine and the others on the balcony.

Then (as if I was in Aayla’s POV) my arms and shoulders and backside started to burn with exertion, but I stayed there, and didn’t use the force to help me because they could sense force use, and I stayed quiet and just kept holding this position between the balcony underside and the wall until we heard them walk away.

Then next I knew, green-Aayla, the apprentice, and Luke Skywalker–in all black–stood in a room, with a vent, and the 3 of them needed to leave because they were the only surviving Jedi. Aayla thought the 3 of them would go together, but Luke suddenly was like “I can’t. I have to go watch a kid on an isolated planet” which I thought of as child-Luke on Tatooine, which…okay? And Aayla was like “You have an apprentice and didn’t tell anyone?” and black-clad Luke was like “no, he’s not an apprentice yet” and then they both went to some spaceships, gray and black ones, and split up, and Aayla and the apprentice kid sat in the two seats in a spaceship and my dream ended there.

Too long, didn’t read: Jedi apprentice hides outside a palace, Qui Gon Jinn dies to evil Palpatine while trying to rescue him, Aayla Secura doesn’t, they hide/escape and find Luke Skywalker, who leaves them to watch over his (future?) child self; Aayla and the apprentice flee on a spaceship.

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