January 24th, 2022/last night I lived in Star Wars

Today’s Prompt: Write about a dream you remember. Until a couple years ago, I was terrible at remembering dreams. Then one rare day in February, I had a dream, and for a reason I don’t quite remember, I decided to write it down. And the next time I had a dream–like a few weeks later–IContinue reading “January 24th, 2022/last night I lived in Star Wars”

Cory’s Story: Scarlet and the canyon

Hello. My name is Cory. I’m the advisor of this system. Advisor? System? What is that? Technically, the psychologists call it an “internal self-helper,” but I came up with “advisor” before we ever talked to them. I help organize and guide the members of our system. Including you. I’m…part of a system? Who are you?Continue reading “Cory’s Story: Scarlet and the canyon”