neon christmas lights hang between trees over a night-dark pathway
neon lights and tree-lined path
Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

Más y Menos,

los superheroes rapidos,

are tired out today

but you’re more tired out than they,

why don’t you want to play,

racin’ round the Christmas tree

like Titans.

Somos inmortales

nuestros espíritus at least

if you believe, I believe in blue

more sparkling than the water,

dancing pictures prettier than the real thing.

Batalla still fighting

fireworks all blinding

battle for your lives

and your kitchen knives

all the queen’s knave-friends and all the queen’s maids

couldn’t pay Humpty’s grand debt that he gained

so the queen got bored biding,

her decree had him climbing;

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

tumbling and bouncing down off the wall

like a bad Vans shoe

that slogged through the bamboo zoo

facing extin–

but aye, okay,

we vivamos para siempre

nuestros espíritus

tocar la tierra

y volar a Venus

esperanzo, never go

from me

for in this hallowed hand

yo quiero más

del mundo


del corazón


de la luz

more power to choose

who and where I am

and what has power to touch me to

break me (slowly) to carry me up, carry me higher


romperme lentamente luego llevarme arriba, más alto–

I’m comin’ a la batalla you know

never ending I’ll glow

I’m comin’ in blinding

a firework striking

the night brilliant jade, a golden gleam

with a brutal need

watch me preen

watch me takin’ over this scene

a pretty thing

in sulfur smoke.

soak the moon in phosphorus;

pause for us, take a sauce for us, a far spore rust trailing glitter dust for us

through the ruins of your lust

the skeletons of the just

litter the valley floor,

poisonous and poor,

but maybe a flower could blossom there if it knew how to take the toxic gusts

y romper con sus roots the earthen crust

del tu shattered trust

open up that purple puerta

let’s go to la guerra

sieging you to the core

have faith a little more

(come on, dame un poco more)

and dance with me under the smoggy summer moon,

asking of her one more boon–

will you vendrás a llevarnos soon?

I stand vigil

watch this sky with you

Hallowmas comes

una vez el año

y you best believe

I will be waiting.

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