An English-Spanish Poem

kettle heating on kitchen stove
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En la llorona,

tú sabes

el cloudy azul

el viento fool

eran nunca amigos con tu–

la nieve de mi cuerpo

freezes la noche negra,

slip to the lago

hablar a los árboles

bailer con los flores

en tus sueños.


en esta cocina,

el agua salada

se calienta en la kettle,

break my corazón

before breakfast

estas lágrimas

de me cara

corre ríos bajo la cuchara.


English translation:

In the weeping,

you know

the cloudy blue

the windy fool

were never friends with you–

the snow of my body

freezes the black night,

slip to the lake

speak to the trees

dance with the flowers

in your dreams.

Get up,

in this kitchen,

the salt water

heats up in the kettle,

break my heart

before breakfast

these tears

from my face

run rivers under the spoon.


Let me know how my Spanish was! I’m somewhat familiar with the language, but definitely don’t consider myself fluent, so any feedback is appreciated:) (or, if you’d like to give a full Spanish translation of the poem, I would like that too!)

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