Wattpad what?

a cute li’l cover I made

Hi peoples! I’m writing a novel on Wattpad. You can check it out here. It’s currently titled Kree Annihilators, and if “Kree” sounds familiar to you, you might be a Marvel fan. Surprise! I wrote a fanfiction. At least, “fanfiction” in the sense it features Marvel characters like Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl and the kree.

When I say “fanfiction,” I’m aware it has a reputation as “amateur fiction,” chock-full of bad writing tropes. But I promise you, this story is not about a Mary Sue self-insert main character with a crush on Tom Holland.

Instead, it’s gay (which no Marvel movie or tv show has dared to give us yet*). There’s aliens. It features a possibly-trashy romance (in that aspect, I apologize for my inexperience writing romance), but there’s also teleporting and action scenes and intense character growth and fancy space technology.

I hope you go check it out.

It’s going to be a full-length novel, hence why I’m trying out Wattpad as a platform. It’ll be a grand experimental journey and I’m excited:)

*when I say no Marvel movie or tv show has given us gay characters, I mean in terms of good representation. Sure, side characters who casually mention they’re gay count as something, but there’s nothing gay on the level of Tony Stark & Pepper Potts; Thor & Jane Foster; Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter; Dr. Strange & that one coworker he loved; Bruce Banner & Natasha Romanoff (whyever that was a thing I don’t know); Hawkeye & his wife; Peter Parker & MJ; Loki & Sylvie; Wanda & Vision; Gamorra & Starlord…the list goes on and on… Okay that’s my soapbox, thanks for reading!

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