do you regret the headline photos?

autumn street
Photo by Craig Adderley on

Do you miss me?

I miss you.

Last I saw you, head on my pillow, your face lit up my phone screen.

They got the picture of you all wrong.

Teen drunk driver T-bones car, family of four rushed to hospital.

You made a joke of your senior year photo,

you told the photographer you had a fear of flashing lights,

so you barely smiled.

You were always a terrible actor though. Your “I’m deathly afraid” face just looked like a pained cringe.

Headlines tell clickbait truths, when the story broke a day later that four people died in the hospital after the accident, they didn’t mention the two older siblings, away at college 40 minutes south.

Last I saw you and the rest of our family, they put your photos on the news site,

mother with her hair curled, dad without his glasses. Littlest brother barely in high school, older one about to graduate.

You made a joke of your senior photo,

I hope you’re okay knowing everybody will remember you that way, cringing into the camera.

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