January 11th, 2022/courage rain

Today’s Prompt: What does it mean to live boldly?
bright liquid colors
Photo by Alexander Ant on Pexels.com
I live as bold as a raindrop.
I gather my self in the troposphere
until I accumulate bigger than my dust-fears,
and I yield to earth's gravity
and I plummet ever so courageously.

***2nd poem***

This potion comes in three parts:
One, the thumb thimbles to catch briars of fear,
Prickling as heat-itches down the grooves of your neck.
Two, the ladles to stir cauldron concoctions at the rhythm of your racing heart and head,
Three, measuring spoons to scrape sweat off your palms,
Left to sit in the uncomfortable heat under your skin until all but the salt steams away.

Step one, bleed fast-pumped blood to the cauldron, bubbling in body-rhythm.
Step two, add palmy salt to lower the boil,
Step three, simmer to a thick goo,
Step four, grind up invisible needles of fear to splinters,
Step five, mash the splinters into the cauldron over an embering flame
Step six, stir until the mixture simmers blue-green, remove from the flame to cool.

Store the potion in hearty vials with stoppers,
Somewhere dark and cool.
Keeps as long as your wits remain about you.
Use only at the last threads of sanity,
The taste may curdle your tongue but you must empty the whole vial,
Otherwise it will not stop your heart.
Courage Elixir, to keep you from shouting in fear
And shaking and running.
*Warning*: it will not keep the sweat from slicking your skin.
It will only curtail the terror.
It will whisper in your ear,
"You will outlast the breathless take of your lungs.
You will outlast your own psychic screams.
You will outlast the nightmare pain,
Just bleed your nectar courage
Until only the statue of you remains."

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