January 8th, 2022/my mix of 6 writing-why’s list

Today’s Prompt: What do you like most about your writing?
writing *always* looks this elegant
Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

Oh we’re about to brag about ourselves, aren’t we? Eek. In an effort to make this more engaging for you, how about a list?

  1. I am a writer and a reader. I love to write because everything my reader self craves I can do my best to create.
  2. I learn a lot about myself when writing characters; digging at their motivations and why they make choices teaches me about why I make choices.
  3. I also learn a lot about myself when seeking to find the right words to explain some nameless feeling I am feeling.
  4. because of writing poems and stuff, I can rhyme nonsensically about stasis and elastics and mastiffs, why, the sky is so high I can try to fly but my sky guy might die while he tries to scry the sky pie flavor. (I find this very entertaining šŸ™‚ )
  5. Catharsis.
  6. go read this article (Featuring me spilling my heart in long paragraphs) from like awhile ago, what am I doing here writing a list?

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