Cory’s Story: a little’s life logic

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(ps, “a little” in a dissociative system refers to a child-aged alter)


I’m smart. Are you proud of me?

I always thought of you as very intelligent. But yes, I suppose I’m extra proud of you.

I figured it out.

Figured what out?

Everyone around here is sad and mopey, but not me. That makes me special.

Have you met Lucille? She’s rather adventurous. I don’t think of her as sad or mopey.

No, I mean on the inside.

On the inside? I think Lucille is pretty adventurous on the inside too.

I mean on the inside, everyone is hurt. Like they have a big, big bruise that won’t heal.

Thanks for that, I Like Flowers.

My name is Flora.

Flora. Got it.

I bet you’ve got a big bruise on the inside too, Cory.

I mean, I guess I’ve been hurt before. Arguments with people, feeling alone. I think most people have.

But you’re only talking to me now because we’ve got a really big hurt on the inside. One so big we split it up.

That is…shockingly accurate, Flora. I’m impressed you figured that out–did you figure it out on your own?

That’s not what I figured out. I figured out that we’re really good at playing pretend.

Did Shadow talk to you?

Shadows don’t talk, silly.

Never mind.

I figured out your job is talking to me. I figured out my job is being happy, since everyone else is sad.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that. That’s a very big job to ask of anyone. I’m sure you’re amazing at being happy Flora, but what if somebody makes you feel sad? Will it still be your job?

Nope. But then I’ll be happy again, and it’ll be my job again.

That’s a lot to figure out all on your own.

I know. I think my job is also being smart.

Well, there’s lots of people around here who are smart at different things. Maybe you can be smart at figuring things out?

Okay, I like that job better anyway.

Better than what?

Being smart.

Well thank you, Flora. This was nice.

What was nice?


You’re interrupting.


Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude.

Then maybe you should leave, Cory. Go back to your normal routine.

That was slightly uncalled for.

If it makes him go away, who cares?

I would appreciate if he…never mind.

Shadow? Is that you?


You can’t see him because you’re terrible at looking.

You can see him?

No. Which is why I prefer spending time with him, instead of you.

I’m not sure I should be here.

That’s alright, I can leave. I didn’t mean to intrude.

Ha! Told you it would work.


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