Tara’s Story: old enough to work, young enough to dream

Tara crept downstairs, straining to make out hushed voices. Unfortunately, the stairs creaked under her weight and their mother and Quinn fell silent. She sighed, marching loudly the rest of the way while rubbing her eyes. She froze at the bottom of the stairs, as if she’d just noticed the two of them sitting atContinue reading “Tara’s Story: old enough to work, young enough to dream”

Tara’s Story Part 1

“Hello? Who’s this?” Tara said slowly. “It’s Tamy. Obviously.” her sister’s voice crackled through the walkie-talkie. Tara grinned, peering over the edge of the counter. She lifted the walkie-talkie to her mouth. “I can’t believe these actually work.” “Neither can I,” Tamy crackled. Tara sat on the icy tile, grinning like a maniac. “Do youContinue reading “Tara’s Story Part 1”

A half-revised article on failing

My original title idea for this was “No revisions: article on failing.” Because I had in mind the idea that I should fail in some way as I write about failing, about how failure is trying is improving and learning. Except then the idea of actually posting something that I hadn’t revised at all freakedContinue reading “A half-revised article on failing”

Family Ties: interlude

“My head hurts,” Tara muttered, burying her face in her knees. Tamy leaned against the desk, shutting her eyes. “Mine does too.” The house creaked; probably Quinn creeping down the stairs to get breakfast. “This whole time Nick was just pretending to spy on himself with powers the spy was trying to discover?” Tamy triedContinue reading “Family Ties: interlude”