Tara’s Story: cut ties, in the end

To check out the full Family Ties story, check out the table of contents here! “This all happened while I was out running? Just yesterday?” their mother paced toward the door, rubbing her temples. Tara gulped. “You took my car even though you can’t drive legally, then nearly got in a wreck, and made rivalsContinue reading “Tara’s Story: cut ties, in the end”

Tara’s Story: clipped voice in the dark void

They found Nick in the backyard, curled under a blanket behind the tree. Tara pressed next to her sister in the window, looking where she pointed. The reedy tree trunk wasn’t even wide enough to conceal him. “Did either of you hear him? When he snuck away?” Quinn asked, pressed against Tamy’s other side. TaraContinue reading “Tara’s Story: clipped voice in the dark void”

Tara’s Story: skin thick

Tara stared at the bikes beneath her shoes. The tires spun lazily with the turns and bumps of the car. She jolted forward in her seat as they came to a halt, blinking and staring from the car floor. Quinn turned to face the two of them, face ashen. “You don’t have a license,” TamyContinue reading “Tara’s Story: skin thick”