Found this Song at 2 am

blue-winged butterfly
Hi Ren

fun facts:

  1. I’ve cried to this twice already.
  2. Ren’s medical life up to this point includes buzzwords like “misdiagnosis,” “Lyme disease,” and “psychosis.” You can find his website here
  3. While researching this song, I found this article which seems to think the root cause of all mental health challenges is the devil? They missed the point but I think it’s funny…
  4. I interpret this as a song about the shadow and light parts inside all of us, and how they both hold truth that we need to listen to if we want to understand ourselves.
  5. I’m in love with how discordant his guitar playing gets in the middle. Also I keep watching the flickering lights (anyone else?) Also the lyrics are intense and poetic but you probably don’t need to be told that (but check out the youtube comment where the lyrics are written out anyway).
  6. at about 6 minutes in is when I can’t hold it together anymore 😭
  7. I know this is not an official music review or anything, this song just really touched me so I wanted to share it.

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