Moon Knight’s Inner World

Anyone watching the show Moon Knight? It’s a Marvel tv show, features Egyptian mythology and super-hero-ing in fancy costumes.

I just want to say, the fact that episode 4 included Marc’s inner world (as in, Dissociative Identity Disorder; as in, the same disorder I wrote about with Cory’s story a few months ago) makes me super happy and excited. Can you believe a major tv show actually included accurate representation of a disorder like DID?

I couldn’t. Until it happened:)

Also, this hippo character–who I know literally nothing about because they said one word–is my new favorite character.

my favorite character:)

Update: Episode 5 theory–I’m mostly positive the scenes with “Dr. Harrow” are the true inner world (granted I haven’t read the comics, so…). I think Marc or Steven go there when they can’t handle what’s happening aboard the ship, aka the outer, physical world.

And for anyone who doesn’t know what the inner world is, it’s a mental space where different alters (ie, Marc or Steven) can interact with each other and other parts of their subconscious.

Different aspects of their life show up metaphorically; like, their interest in Egyptian mythology is highly prevalent in the architecture, and their conflict with Harrow in the real world makes itself known with Dr. Harrow’s presence.

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