January 4th, 2022/a haiku

Today’s Prompt: What was your favorite toy as a child?
Summer days, basement
a capture the flag warzone.
Stuffed animals play.

One of my favorite toys as a child? A multitude of stuffed animals and the imaginary games I played with them and my siblings. Capture the flag included.

We had one game where our animals lived on a giant farm and knit sweaters out of feathers to sell at the market, and trained for races with frogs, instead of horses. Then we had another game where they had superpowers and went to a magical school.

One awesome super power? The ability to meet with your animal friends halfway across the world in a dreamscape, as long as they were asleep at the same time as you.

stuffed animal


in an


Here’s some bonus rough draft haikus:)

summer starts. Basement

turns capture the flag war. Stuffed

animals tag, run.

Summer begins, stuffed

animals basement frolic.

Capture the flag wars.

Summer beginnings,

stuffed animals frolic wild.

Bears rise as giants.

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