January 2nd, 2022/when road trips wander far

Starry photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com
There lies a road in the emptiness of space.
If you set yourself free of this solar system,
abandon the recognizable light of our star,
and just float--
a million pathways will call to you.

There lies a road in the emptiness of space,
a multitude of gravity strings, tugging at my toes,
stars and black holes yearning after my heart.
Floating in the void, strings bind me to a tapestry
as vast as galaxies.
The daunting difference between eyes wide open and eyes closed, these pinprick lights cloud whatever passes for
horizons here,
arbitrary lines speckled by so many rising suns--
in the vastness, my close-up fingers devour thousands of worlds.

Every gravity road pulls me to a promise,
but in the emptiness of space
I’d rather pull a single thread than roam
across the lightyears:
Carry me, please,
Somewhere like home.
image from shutterstock.com

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