Tara’s Story: epilogue


Subject: September News

Hello Audrey!

I am writing to you on Nick’s behalf, who is currently in the care of our Arizona adoption family.

Not to worry! Nick has a stable home, and his new family cares deeply about him and his needs. They are well equipped to handle any challenge, resulting from his uniqueness or his nature as an active six year old child. If you would like, Audrey, we offer workshops for living parents and family of the children in our program, providing resources and training to aid them in learning to meet their unique child’s needs.

Unfortunately, these workshops are a requisite to visiting your child in his new home. Due to past experiences our organization has handled, rigorous testing has become a built-in feature of the protection surrounding these often misunderstood children.

When Nick reaches his tenth birthday, he will be considered for one of our elite training academies located across the globe. As his closest living relative, Audrey, you may have a deciding voice in the location he attends. However, this is only ensured through an enrollment in our workshop programs.

Nick misses you dearly, but I am pleased to inform you he is quickly learning to thrive in his new environment.

I hope to hear from you soon,


AAF Coordinator

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