Marvel is Coming for my Brand (help)

marvel comics
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(not serious)

I wrote a story featuring a main character in a Dissociative Identity Disorder system. Just a few months later, Disney+ came out with Moon Knight, an MCU tv show with a character who has Dissociative Identity Disorder.

And for something as rarely exposed/talked about as DID, that’s kinda weird, don’t you think?

Starting in February, I began posting a fanfiction featuring Ms. Marvel as a prominent side character.

Just yesterday, the first episode of the Ms. Marvel series dropped on Disney+, copying me again, which would have been less strange if I wrote about someone super well-known like Spider-Man, but no. This is Ms. Marvel, who’s amazing, but not exactly famous. Had you even heard of Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel before now?

What I’m saying is, Marvel is coming for my brand, people.


Okay, I know this only counts for two slightly strange coincidences, so you can hardly call it a consistent trend, but it is sure weird that it happened twice.

Like, is Marvel going to copy me again and make something about a transgender death mage?

…actually I would not mind Marvel making a legitimately good series about a transgender death mage. That’d be crazy.

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