First of February

fire burning in the winter
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Here I am, post-31 days of posting every day. Hey there world. I’m feeling pretty burnt out. But I thought I’d make this quick little post so I don’t just vanish from existence for however long.

I think, when I start posting again (in a few days? A week?), it will be one of two things.

A) snippet, daily experiences of how autistic traits impact my life. Like sleep and decision making and observing the world.

B) I have a first draft of a book, and I’d like to start revising it soon, and I thought it could be interesting to post my revision progress on here.

But in my current burnt out state, both of those sound like too much work and I don’t know if anybody would be interested in reading them.

Oh and C, continue to write poems.

So yeah that is my update. Goodbye world until I return.

2 thoughts on “First of February

  1. It’s amazing that you kept up with 31 days of daily posting. That’s not easy. Just stopping by here to spur you to keep going, because too long a break and we may end up letting go completely. Keep on writing!


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