January 20th, 2022/Loic Nottet’s “Mr/Mme”

Today’s Prompt: What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

I did write a post that went along with today’s prompt. I honestly did. But then late last night I came across this song (not for the first time, though it’s been awhile) and it felt much more important than my lackluster post about my non-excellent photography.

A link to the song is at the end of this article. I hope you enjoy it, cry to it, appreciate it, etc. I recommend turning on subtitles if like me you don’t understand French.

I think this song’s particularly powerful because Loic’s singing and lyrics make me go “wow, he expresses emotions way better than I ever could with words.”

Here’s a handful of my favorite (translated into English) lyrics:

“I’d like to write myself a world, a planet just for me, a planet on which I’d feel like Me.”

“Whether we’re old, young, naughty, nice or ugly, we have the right to dream, even with empty pockets. As a beggar I implore the evening, I beg for hope, but the night is stingy…Born in a penniless family, she refuses me the moon.”

“I walk alone on this hopeless path. I’m speeding up, but no one is waiting for me at the end.”

“Loneliness sets in, she quickly comes to find you, she doesn’t wait for you to open the door, no, she just comes in with no warning, your low spirits are for her, a treat to snack upon.”

“I admit it, I’m unhappy, yet I’m living my childhood dreams. But I can’t help it, there’s always something missing.”

And then the song ends with hope, still. With a thank you, for giving me music and dance and writing as a way to escape from this all. I think that’s such a powerful message.

Okay here’s the song I hope you appreciate it, because as much as I can write about why I like a song it’s better to listen and feel it for yourself:)

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