Let us go to the end.
The end!
Like a fairy tale, this could be our happily ever after.
Plot threads sewn snug, post-explosion,
What I mean is, there was a climax. Peak. Resolution.
We just missed the roar, I suppose, in the heady rush of
     things getting better,
Us getting better,
More sophisticated and knowledgeable, imagine what we could
     create knowing more.
Know, then, that innocence is only innocent as long as it
     knows nothing of innocence, or its opposite.
Context: how I remember our innocence is colored by how I
     call it that, now,
But never would have, then.
We simply were.
Living, so much of what was real
Existing in our heads, the pictured words between us,
Actions, laughter, frozen
Once upon a time

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