Word Association Game

Hack, quack,
let the drummer whack
her drums, thrums of a heartbeat
feel the rhythm beat,
sugar beet
fed to spotted cows
wows the audience with a song like "sugar beet beat heartbeats
to pieces"
cuz that's sure as bubblegum stuck to shoes,
you lose,
you win,
I flip heads and we jump under flowerbeds,
to the roots,
to the shoots all pale and waxing green, I mean, lean bean beat beets of sugar.

Cows wows, you means, cows wow or cow wows pow-wows with bow-wows,
ow-ow my ears, my ears hurts with terribles unnecessary numbers of
snakes speak solemn s's slithering succinct sentences so slippery Sam slicks super slow blows,
who is Sam and what is slicking, licking lollipops and popsielols slip down throats we go back to

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